If you click a keyword in any of the keyword lists, you'll get to the keyword details page.
Here we'll give a quick walk through of the data you can get from the keyword details page.

First you'll see the current rank and date the keyword was updated last time. You can also see if the keyword has changed position in the selected time span, as well as average monthly searches:

Ranking urls:

If your website is ranking for the same keyword with more than one page, you should see a list of them all here. 
You can also see the title tag for that url, as well as the onpage SEO grading and rank for each url:

Historic search volume

You can always see average monthly search volume on all keyword lists. But it is also possible to see a specification of search volume based on monthly searches:

Who is ranking for the top positions

Finally, you can see who is ranking for positions 1-10 on that specific keyword: