When we update your rankings, we also check who else is ranking for the same keywords. With the competitors tool you can see, who your most important competitors are.

The competitors module is divided in two:

  • Dynamic competitors - These are the ones, that you share the most keywords with.
  • Custom competitors - Perhaps you have a competitor, that requires special attention. Or maybe this competitor isnt ranking for the same keywords, but you still want to monitor them.

Compare rankings

If you click “compare rankings”, you can see a comparization of you and your competitor, for the keywords that you have added to your website. If you are ranking higher for a keyword, the keyword is marked with green color.

Find new keyword ideas from a competitor

You can also see the keywords and phrases, that a competitor is ranking with, but you haven’t added to your keyword list.

Just click “compare” next to a competitor, to see their keywords, and add them to your keyword lists, if they are important to your business.

See if a competitor targets Google AdWords

Even though Tiny Rocket Lab is for SEO, you can also see, if a competitor is using Google Adwords, and what keywords they target. Just click the Google AdWords logo, and see the keywords.